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About Us

Diversified Assessment & Therapy Services is a privately owned, licensed Behavioral Health Center which offers a wide range of evidence based clinically sound services.

Our Mission

The Mission of Diversifed Assessment & Therapy Services is to provide effective, consistent, compassionate, evidence-based behavioral health services which improves the quality of life for individuals who have developmental disorders.

Our History

Diversified Assessment & Therapy Services (DATS) began with a professional staff of six individuals who provided Waiver Title XIX services, a program that was initiated in the early 1990’s as a more appropriate, cost-effective alternative to institutionalization for individuals with developmental disorders. Within a year DATS expanded its staff to nearly 150, and currently serves individuals living in Wayne, Cabell, Putnam, Mingo, Boone, Lincoln and Logan counties. Additionally, DATS provides early intervention services through the Birth-to-Three program, outpatient therapy, clinic services, and a range of contracted services for schools.

Although DATS has only operated for a brief time, its staff possess an impressive resume of education, experience, and commitment to continuous improvement. The company’s mission statements reflect its goal of providing excellent services, particularly in the underserved areas of our State. The majority of DATS employees are lifelong residents of West Virginia who strive to enhance the lives of the individuals and communities they serve. Diversified is a proud of its staff and their contributions to the lives of its many consumers and family members, and anticipates future growth, improvements in quality care, and expansion of its role as a vital community partner.

DATS was licensed as a behavioral health center in the fall of 2012, following an extensive restoration of the Old Kenova Bank Building at 1401 Chestnut Street in Kenova, WV. This historic structure, home of Kenova’s first bank, was built in 1910 by Joseph Miller, a former West Virginia State Auditor and a Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service during both Presidential terms of his friend, Grover Cleveland. After the bank’s closure on Valentine’s Day, 2000, the building suffered disrepair until restoration was accomplished on the facade, the City’s most familiar landmark, and the lobby. Repair of the structure has been an integral part of Kenova’s historic district revitalization through participation in West Virginia’s ON TRAC/Main Street program. As DATS continues to grow more improvements are planned for the building.

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